Since 1977, the scientific activity and practice of Dr Konovalov have increased, and they remain his priority along with musical creativity.

Sergey Konovalov, Doctor of Medicine, has more than 150 scientific publications, including 12 monographs.


Peptidergic Regulation of Homeostasis.

V.Havinson, I.Kvetnoy, V.Yuzhakov, V.Popuchiev, S.Konovalov. Publishing house ‘Nauka’. Saint Petersburg, 2003. 195 p.

In modern biology and medicine, the investigations of the role of the signal molecules in the mechanisms that maintain homeostasis have a special value. This issue is extremely important, because the study of the mechanisms that are the basis of regulating the processes of vitality enables us to solve more effectively the problems of diagnosis, cure and prevention of many diseases. Peptidergic regulation of the co-ordinate function of different organs and systems is achieved thanks to the strictly regulated activity of many endocrine and non-endocrine cells, which, while they produce peptide regulators and other short-range peptide messengers, ensure vital processes at a level corresponding to the evolutionary and genetic status of a living system.

This monograph is an attempt to analyse in detail for the first time the role and meaning of regulatory peptides in the regulation of homeostasis in a normal state, and also some common pathological processes and the aging of the body. The data for the book, obtained in the course of many years of original research under the supervision, and with the participation, of authors in different laboratories and institutes, have no analogue and are high-priority research themes.

Geroprotectores in the Prophylaxis of Age-related Diseases.

G.Ryzhak, S.Konovalov. Publishing house ‘Praim Evroznak’, Saint Petersburg, 2004. 160 p.

The monograph presents the results of an experimental and clinical study of endogenous regulators as means of prophylaxis and correction of changes in the body caused by age. The physiological aspects of the aging process and some mechanisms of the development of the age pathology are studied. Also, the practice of applying different biologically active substances as geroprotectors in experiments and in the clinic is presented.

Biology of Tumour Growth.

N.Anichkov, I.Kvetnoy, S.Konovalov. Publishing house ‘Praim Evroznak’. Saint Petersburg, 2004. 216 p.

The monograph summarizes the modern data on the nomenclature, classification, molecular and cellular biology, aetiological factors and formogenesis of tumour growth. It reflects the general rules on the texture and the most important clinical-morphological and biological peculiarities of tumours. The monograph is devoted to all physicians, medical students and biology students.

Prophylaxis of Accelerated Aging of Workers in Unhealthy Working Conditions.

A.Bashkireva, S.Konovalov. Publishing house ‘Praim Evroznak’. Saint Petersburg, 2004. 219 pages.

The monograph assesses the role of the phenomenon of differential aging when calculating the capacity for work of persons working in unhealthy working conditions. Long-distance drivers are taken as an example. The paper discusses the priority data on the systematic organization of functions, which determines the intellectual and physical work capacity and the biological age depending on the actual age and length of service. The results of the application of some biologically active substances as geroprotectors for the prophylaxis of premature aging of persons working in unhealthy working conditions are presented.

The Magical Molecules of Health.

I.M. Kvetnoy, S.S. Konovalov. Saint Petersburg. 2004. 218 pages.

Dr Sergey Konovalov, author of the series ‘Books that Heal’, inaugurates a new series with this book. After many years of scientific work, Doctor Konovalov, along with other scientific colleagues, decided to make accessible to the wider circle of readers the outcomes of investigations of those scientists whose works are mostly devoted to matters relating to the health and well-being of man. The aim of this ‘round table’ is to present in a clear way the advanced methods of the scientific research and the most interesting and important discoveries in modern biology and medicine. This book presents the initiation, development and achievements of neuroimmunoendocrinology – the science that is dedicated to studying the mechanisms of regulation of the life processes of an organism with the help of hormones: ‘magical molecules’. The authors recount in a captivating way the most important and notable milestones in the history of this young science, and the basic groups of hormones as well as their influence on human health and the possibilities for their use in medicine.

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