Sergey Konovalov

Sergey Konovalov is a unique Russian composer, performer, professor and doctor, based in Saint Petersburg. Classically trained in the former Soviet Union, his influences are attained from lifelong passions and workings in the Sciences, Medicine, Therapy and Well Being.

His music has a classical style with a modern twist, beautifully embracing authentic styles of celebrated Russian composers and their acoustic features, which create an emotional significance of arrhythmic deviations/infuse melodic and rhythmic contrasts.


The composition named ‘Stream’ was broadcasted worldwide at the Olympics in Calgary 1988, during the free programme of Soviet figure skaters; Larisa Selezneva and Oleg Makarov (Bronze medal winners). Larisa Selezneva and Oleg Makarov also won the Gold medal in Prague and Yerevan, then silver in Vienna 1987, performing figure skating programmes accompanied by the music of Sergey Konovalov. 


On November 17, 2013, Sergey Konovalov was awarded the ‘Nike of Crystal’ prize at the festival of figure skating ‘In the Name of Good’ in Moscow for his contribution to the development of Russian figure skating.

His truly unique combination of extensive medical practice in life-threatening situations and his gift of intuitive music creation leads to a rare and beautiful combination. His practical experience of the range of emotions experienced by working in emergency resuscitation units have sharpened his sensitivity and creation of intimate compositions.

Sergey has composed and played on nine studio albums. He continually performs as a solo pianist and has appeared with, and supported, orchestras both in Russia and internationally, with a loyal fan base in his much-loved home nation of Russia and Russian speaking territories. He is currently working on his 10th studio album, which is due to be released in Spring 2021.


An academician of the IAESP, member of the Bureau of the IAESP, director of the Institute of the IAESP, professor and doctor of the medical sciences. He graduated from the Institute of Kuybyshev in 1977 and then from the Faculty of the Senior Staff of the Kirov Army Medical Academy in 1988, specialising the field of therapy.

He served with combat divisions of the USSR Armed Forces of the, having the posts of Head of Infirmary, Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital Medical Service Department of the Leningrad military district, Senior Intern in resuscitation, emergency care and infarction department in the Cardiology Centre of District Military Hospital.

Since 1992 he has dedicated himself to research in the fields of information (quantum), molecular biology and medicine, geriatrics and gerontology, genetics, molecular cytology biochemistry and biophysics of living tissue, and the influence of external and internal environment on the vital functions of cells and the complete human body. The vigor of his scientific interests in recent years are biosphere and health, and biosphere and disease. As a consequence of numerous experiments in laboratories of the institute, he has achieved unique results, proving the crucial contribution of information medium in the life of the cell and the organism as a whole.


By order of the IAESP Nº4 (dated May 14, 2014) he has been appointed director of the newly created institute and called to develop this field of scientific research.

He is widely renowned for his popular science books, copies of which have now, and continue to be, published in their millions, throughout Russia and abroad, in the field of health-improving methods.

His educational scientific seminars in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, in which he discusses the prevention and overcoming of diseases of mankind and society, enjoy wide popularity. Now the author of over 150 scientific articles, monographs, and textbooks for medical and biological institutes.

His music complements these studies, publications and emotional connections to medical science and composed to assist in meditative techniques.

This understanding of music’s communicative magnetism and rhythmic structure have also helped develop his healing music formula for creating healthy vibrations, immersive emotional connections and music therapy.

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Since preschool age, music has always accompanied Sergey Konovalov and been part of his artistic and rich scientific life.

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